Volunteer Bond

2019-2020 Season

Volunteer Bond Info & Reimbursement Form [PDF]

Volunteer Bond - Reimbursement Form [Excel]

Bushido Water Polo Club could not operate without volunteers and therefore each athlete’s family is expected to volunteer within the Club in some capacity. 

A Volunteer Bond will be collected from each athlete’s family upon registration.

Varying levels of this bond - from partial amounts up to the full amount - can be earned back as a credit based on the level of volunteering completed during the current water polo season.

  • 15 credits = $150
  • 25 credits = $250

The table below describes the various volunteer opportunities within the Club and their associated credit value. Training will be provided for any minor officiating roles and guidance can be given for any of the other positions. 

We appreciate your time and thank you in advance for volunteering. Do not hesitate to ask any of the Bushido Board members if you have any questions regarding any of these roles.

Bushido Board member 25 credits
Manitoba Water Polo Ass. Board member 25 credits
Chaperone for out of town competition 15 credits
Act as volunteer Junior Coach (athletes) 15 credits
Working committee member 10 credits
Team manager 10 credits
Minor official 1 credit per game
Attend annual AGM 4 credits
Assist with event planning 4 credits per event
Run/assist with a fundraiser 4 credits per fundraiser
Attend board meeting 2 credits per meeting
Recruitment event volunteer (sit at recruitment table) 2 credits (approx. 2 hrs)
Canteen volunteer 2 credits (approx. 2 hrs)
Provide refreshments for tournaments/events (supply costs reimbursed) 2 credits