What is Water Polo?
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Water polo is a phenomenal water sport that builds endurance, flexibility and strength creating a well rounded athlete.

Check out this short video about how water polo can help children become more confident swimmers

Water polo originated in Great Britain during the late 19th century with the rules being created by William Wilson of Scotland. It began as an offshoot of rugby and was played primarily in the lakes and rivers of England. Fast forward a bit to the 1880’s and we will see the true beginnings of our beloved sport, with the constitution of the London Water Polo League. This league generated the rules and standards which are now the basis of modern day water polo. Shortly after the induction of the London Water Polo League, the sport gained popularity and was seen being played in many different European countries - using the British rules, and in the North America. However, the game was played much differently in the North America as compared to Great Britain and Europe and so competition between continents was not supported. In 1929 an international water polo committee was formed which then generated rules for international play in 1930. This committee eventually formed what we know today as FINA – the sport’s international governing body.

The sport really took off with its induction into the Olympics which helped to expose a greater number of people to water polo. While men’s water polo has been a long standing Olympic sport - it was one of the first sports introduced at the 1900 games in Paris, the women finally received well deserved recognition at the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, Australia. Water polo continues to grow with Canada’s national teams now competing in Water Polo World League, World Aquatic Championships, and some memorable performances in Olympic games. Canada also has representation at the FISU Championships – a sort of Olympic games for university athletes, as well as at many national and international competitions for all national teams – youth through to senior levels.


mb-water-poloManitoba Water Polo Association (MWPA) is the governing body for water polo in the province of Manitoba. For more information about MWPA, please see www.mbwaterpolo.com






water-polo-cdaWater Polo Canada is the governing body for water polo nationally. For more information about water polo across the country, please see www.waterpolo.ca