Club History
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The name of our club was carefully considered before being selected. Bushidō means "Way of the Warrior".  It is a Japanese word used to describe a uniquely Japanese code of conduct and a way of the samurai life.  The Bushido philosophy promotes the sacrifice of individualism in working toward a common goal.  It originates from the samurai moral code and stresses the eight virtues or principles of moral integrity, courage, benevolence, politeness, sincerity, honor, loyalty and self control.

Established in 1992, Bushido was one of the first water polo clubs in Canada to be lead by a trained, professional head coach. Dave Hill started Bushido through the development of a Senior Men’s Team for a new national initiative, the Canadian Water Polo League. Bushido grew quickly as community demand resulted in the addition of women’s programming the following season and age groups soon after.

While the men’s team had initial success, winning CWPL Prairie Division, there was a lack of developmental programming to feed this effort. As the club focus turned toward Junior and Youth athletes it quickly became apparent that players would have to be developed much younger to be competitive in the Canadian club system.

In 1996 the focus of our water polo programs turned to development of a new generation of athletes. This change in direction enabled coaches to attract, and retain, a large group of players under the age of 12. For the first time we began to see children who chose water polo as a first sport, as an alternative to something more mainstream that had been introduced in a school or community club. Today’s top athletes are a result of that decade old transition.

The best and most dedicated of these athletes have long been part of the Canadian National Team program. Our coaching staff has a history of producing exceptional young athletes and competitive teams at a variety of age levels.

Bushido has had athletes on the senior men’s National team, including 1999 Pan Am games team captain, Darryl Bourne; the senior women’s team, the FISU games team; and all age group National Teams. Athletes representing Canada with the Senior National Team include: Serena Bredin and Shae Fournier. At the age group level, athletes who represented Canada while members of Bushido include: Kerrie Urbanoski, Patty Reid, Jill Kovacs, Monica Ulrich, Ryan Loewen, Robert Pesun, Brian Pelda, Erin Vosters, Shelagh Pizey-Allen, Heather Carson, Karly Proulx, Adam Tallman, Jesse Hill, Mitchell Horton, Serena Bredin, Breda Vosters, Shae Fournier, Carson Domoney, Ethan Davis, Nathalie Blouin, Claire Bredin, Jaelyn Pierce, Annika Armstrong, Sheila Jensen and Malachi Leclerc.

Bushido has also had several athletes competing at the highest levels  in the sport including: NCAA scholarships Serena Bredin, Breda Vosters, Annika Armstrong and Sheila Jensen; CIS: Sydney McDougall and Jaelyn Pierce;  and professionally: Heather Carson (Italy, Series A1), Serena Bredin (Holland), Breda Vosters (Spain) and Shae Fournier (Australia).

These players set a high standard and a clear path for others who wish to follow in their footsteps today.